A Conversation With Your Sin

Infinite AR - Episode 63090

"N-N-Nat?" Jim stepped back, grip on the device loosening. His eyes widened with shock. He didn't remember programming the Device to do....this...

The dark figure ignored him, raising a single clawed hand. He flinched, but his fear was unwarranted. She seemed more interested in herself than inflicting any harm on him. Yet.

Jim watched, in a mix of fascination and fear, as the thing that had been Natalie ran a clawed, insectoid hand down her right side, stopping on her scaled thigh. She pressed harder, an odd giggle escaping through her lips.

Jim frowned, backing away slightly. Maybe while she was "exploring" her new body, he could slip away, re-calibrate the device, turn her into something less potentially fatal and-

Natalie's burning scarlet eyes flashed up towards him, and narrowed. "I'll finish later. For now, I think you should stop moving." She raised a black arm, and made a fist. For a moment Jim was wondering what was happening.

Then a long dark spike flashed out from her arm and smashed into his chest, throwing the man into the back wall.

  1. Black out....

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