The Face of Perdition

Infinite AR - Episode 63089

Two ruby-red once-human eyes stared back at Jim, a mix of lust and hate shining in them.

What had once been Natalie, and then a doll, was now...something else. She was tall, taller than Jim even, with dark, obsidian-scaled skin covering her matured, adult body. Her brown hair had crystallized into black, dreadlock-like protrusions dangling from her head. What looked liked plates of dark chitin covered her crotch and breasts.

But most frighteningly, her nails had doubled in length, ending in deadly-looking points.

Slowly, the red eyes seemed to grow colder and colder...

  1. Talk to Natalie...?
  2. Shoot her with the device!
  3. Run.

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8/12/2016 3:02:38 PM

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