Hippie Teacher

Infinite AR - Episode 62738

Jim saw she was talking about the 1970s and thought it would be neat to turn her back into the her m she was in the 1970s. Jim watched as his elderly history teacher began to get taller and thinner. Her grey hair began longer to grow and turn into its original dark brown hair color. Her elderly face began firm out into that of a woman in her 30s and her breasts began to sag less. A head band began to form around her head and she was now wearing a much shorter dress with a vest and skinny jeans. “Like, alright little dudes!” She said in a more energized voice. “Let’s have a boss time and destroy the establishment!”

  1. See how this goes
  2. Turn her back
  3. Make her younger
  4. Go change another teacher

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3/11/2019 6:20:15 PM

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