Going Shopping

Infinite AR - Episode 6249

The car comes to a stop outside of Babies Are Us. Jim turns his head as his mom opens the door next to him and removes him from the carseat. Jim's diapered bottom rests in one of her hands as he looks behind her. Once inside, Jim is set in the seat of a shopping cart, wearing nothing but a disposable diaper and a blue T-shirt. While his mother pushes him through the store, picking up things like packs of diapers and jars of babyfood, Jim wonders how he's supposed to return to normal... or if he can. Once they're on their way out the door, Jim's face suddenly turns red as the cookie that made him this way finds its way into the diaper. Jim, simply from instinct, begins to wail in an attempt to make his mommy know what he's done. The woman sniffs, instantly smelling the stench. "Don't worry Jimmy, Mommy will change your dydee in the car," she coos as she begins packing the supplies into the trunk. Now what?

  1. Jim gets changed in the car.
  2. Jim loses his memories.
  3. Jim falls asleep and wakes up in a crib.
  4. It's a dream.

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7/15/2006 2:35:25 PM

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