Shawn William Jones

Infinite AR - Episode 6241

When Jim got home from work, he strangely found Sharon not in the kitchen, although dinner was already laid out for a romantic session for two he could tell, with candles and everything. He continued exploring the house until he came into the bedroom, which was absolutely filled with candles and the scent of jasmine. There on the bed was Sharon smiling at him.

"What's the occasion?" asked Jim

"I just wanted to tell you something" said Sharon coyly

"And this would be?" asked Jim playing along

"You're going to be a father"

"Really? Why I think I already knew that" said Jim with a smirk

"Of two lovely twin boys" said Sharon, remembering what else the doctor had told her.

"What!" exclaimed Jim, completely taken aback by this comment.

"Jim, calm down now, and listen... remember our wedding night, and how exoctic it was?" asked Sharon

"Yeah" said Jim fondly

"Well, that night one of your male sperm went into Sherry's egg and changed her into a boy" said Sharon

"Really?! I didn't know that could happen" said Jim

"Are you upset?" asked Sharon

"Well in one way yes, because it's no longer Sherry, and she's completely gone, but at the same time she never felt comfortable as a girl, if you know what I mean. It was partly why we broke up... so at least this way she could possibly be happier in her new form. And I like it in another way because it's our baby if you know what I mean... but how did you get twins?" asked Jim

"Her- I mean his, cells split early on" said Sharon

"Wow... I'm going to be a father... and have a son... no two sons..." said Jim

"You sure that you aren't upset Jim?" asked Sharon

"Why don't I show you how I feel" said Jim and they began to kiss.

  1. Shawn and Sean are born five months later
  2. They lived content lives for now
  3. Sharon contracts the AR virus
  4. Jim contracts the AR virus

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