Katie and Mom are in messy panties

Infinite AR - Episode 62048

Jim came downstairs to immediately be greeted by two things. One being a huge smell, and the other thing surprised Jim. Both his sister and mother were doing what they would normally do, only neither of them were wearing pants. Both Katie and Sandra were wearing t-shirts and very heavily pooped in panties. Katie was wearing a tight pink pair with an elastic waistband that were covered in little pictures, and surprisingly Sandra's panties were much the same in the style of a young girl.

Sandra turned around and noticed Jim. She smiled and said "good morning Jim! Did you sleep well?"

Jim tried to act normal and said "yeah, I slept fine. You and Katie look like you have really filled your pants this morning!"

Sandra looked down with a smile at her loaded childish panties and grabbed her bulge saying "yes we haaavvvveee! This is just my night time poop though. I will have to get new panties before I make my morning poo poo!"

Just as Mom was saying this Katie farted loudly in her seat.

"Uh oh! I gotta make another poopy!" Katie exclaimed in worry.

Sandra stood her daughter up quickly and said "we do not want you to over fill your panties. Let's get you changed really quick before you go again."

Sandra hurriedly pulled down her daughter's poop filled panties, leaving her messy bottom fully exposed. Then Sandra rushed into the living room, her bulge bouncing and swinging in her panties the whole way, and she returned soon after with a fresh pair of girly princess panties. Sandra squatted down and put Katie's feet through the leg holes and then quickly pulled the soft, stretchy panties snuggly onto Katie's still messy bottom.

Not a second after Katie had her new panties on, Jim and Sandra were pleased to see a new bulge pushing out Katie's panties. Katie grunted audibly and Sandra laid her hand on Katie's warm, growing bulge. Katie did quite a lot, even more than her night time poop. When she finally finished her doughy poop made a bulge the size of a softball in her "new" panties.

Sandra patted Katie's bum and said "we got those panties on you just in time. You really had to go big girl!"

Katie smiled in glee and said "I sure did mommy. Ooooh I just adore the feeling of my poo poo in my pants. I am so happy that all girls go potty in their panties and we do not even have to wear pants! It is so relaxing and easy to be able to go whenever and wherever we want!"

"You are absolutely right Katie" Sandra said.

Jim smiled to himself at listening to his Mom and sister talk about how great it was to use their panties as a toilet. Jim was also excited to hear that the hypno- ray had worked and all women were like this. Jim could not decide what to do.

Should he stay here and wait for his Mom to do her morning poopy?

Should he go to school to see how his classmates and teachers have changed? He had some very hot girls at his school and he was sure it would be awesome to see his teachers in just their panties.

Should he go to the mall to see how women act in public? It would definitely be hot to see a lot of hot girls doing this too.

Should he call over his Mom's friend Brenda to see how she has changed?

Should he use his hypno-ray to change even more? The choices were endless.

In the end, Jim decided to...

  1. Waite for Mom to poop
  2. Go to school to see the changes
  3. Go to the mall to see how women act
  4. Call over Brenda to see how she has changed
  5. Use the hynpo-ray again
  6. Pls add

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