Infinite AR - Episode 62027

You decide to check on your slaves, and you bring your mom with you.upon reaching katy's room, you find the girls caked in shit. You also note the near spotlessness of the floor. They sit staring emptily at each other. You decide to see what all the hype is about and tell your mother to shit into your mouth. She pulls down her jeans to reveal a large diaper, which has been filled already. As she takes her diaper off to reveal her giant ass, her messy diaper plummets to the floor like a rock. You tell sharon to take off her jeggings and put the diaper on, but also to put her load in the diaper. After some struggling, sharon squeezes into her now very full diaper. Now you notice that katy has to go again. You tell her that she is only allowed to shit into sharon's mouth. As katy strips, your mother lowers her monsterous ass to your face and lets go. A massive 3 pound log shoots into your mouth.

  1. It is the greatest thing you have ever tasted
  2. It is the worst thing you have ever tasted

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6/26/2016 1:26:40 AM

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