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Infinite AR - Episode 62

"What the hell?" Jim muttered, approaching the shop.

Indeed, it appeared the old shop - the very same shop that he should be working at - had vanished overnight. The replacement was what looked like a children's store, with barbies lining the opening and action figures down the rows beyond it. On the left of the new store was what looked like a pet shop.

There were little kids all over the place too, with only the occasional adult around to supervise.

Well, Jim couldn't just walk leave, he had to find out what was going on. Straightening his posture, he strode into the store.

  1. Jim goes to management to find out what happened to his old job.
  2. Jim heads over to management, but notices something about one of the Barbie dolls while he's heading there, and picks it up.
  3. Jim heads down to management, but notices something wrong with one of the action figures along the way and picks it up.
  4. Jim heads over to management, but he loves animals so first off, he visits the pet store.
  5. Jim does something else while in the store.

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11/25/2005 5:49:47 AM

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