Infinite AR - Episode 61519

When Jim enters the first thing he sees is two tall and and oddly red skinned blonde women waiting for him. First his building name changed and now he was tripping balls. Was there something in the water? A camera crew? "What's going on?" he asks the two magnificent beauties leading him up the elevator and into a goth like sex chamber. He briefly admires the scenery of a black diamond chandelier before his sight is bombarded by half naked women with demonic horns and black wings crowding over a form on the bed. "Welcome to Dantalions humble abode. " A voice deeper than the pit's of hell nearly makes him jump. What the hell was this? Was there something in the air? What the hell was goin on and what was he going to do?

  1. Jim starts to lose conscious
  2. Jim tries to escape
  3. Jim demands whats going on

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6/6/2016 1:31:18 PM

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