Cast them away

Infinite AR - Episode 61506

Jim eyes the shop with interest and enters. There is a woman standing there and greets him. She tells him that this shop is only seen by the one with the abilities. Jim frowns but listens to her. Fraud he thinks but still he listens. Tired of feeling guilty when you shouldnt feel it? Tired of letting your weaknesses bringing you down. Tired of being human? Jim shrugs and agrees to whatever she says and her grins widens. For a moment Jim's vision tricks him into seeing twin fangs. But he shakes his head and follows the woman back of the shop. She offers him necklaces to be worn surprisingly for free. They look expensive. He tries one on and he feels a wash of strength pass over his body. Morality lines are stripped away and the endless evil things he could do is infinite. He gulps and quickly tries to take the necklace off but the woman grins and tells him no. He panicks.

  1. Jim rips of the necklace but fails.
  2. Jim goes in a trance like state.

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6/6/2016 7:22:57 AM

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