She's probably up for some 'fun'.

Infinite AR - Episode 61268

Debra had invited Jim over to her's a few times. Jim caught a glimpse into her bedroom last time and saw the leather masks and whips she kept in there. He hadn't gone back since then.

Inviting her over should keep that away from him though. Unless she showed up at his door in a catsuit and platform shoes then he should be safe from the wrath of the dominatrix. He called her up and asked if she was up for a bit of fun with some fundies. She told him to give her a couple of minutes and she'd be over. He hoped she wasn't grabbing her dominatrix gear.

Jim waited on the couch for her, fundies in hand. True to her word, two minutes later there was a knock on the door, and a quick look through the peephole revealed that it was Debra... butt naked. Jim opened the door and ushered her in, his face already pink. She smirked and ran a hand over his groin as she walked past him. He hadn't really known what to expect from her body since she always wore rather loose clothes, but he was... well, impressed.

She was curvy in all the right places, her breasts were 32DD, her thighs thick and muscular, and her ass looked like it could split a pair of jeans open if she so much willed it. Jim could feel blood pumping down to his crotch the moment he saw her.

"So you finally decided to let Debbie come over for some fun. I was worried you'd found yourself a girlfriend." Debra set herself down on the sofa and looked at Jim, legs spread.

Jim stuttered a bit as he tried to respond, not sure what to say really. He hadn't expected her to be this direct.

"Don't worry Jimmy, I'm just teasing." Debra laughed. "You put your fundies on then, I'll slip in after you're in position."

Jim fumbled and pulled on the fundies, sticking his legs into his set of... leg holes. Once he was done he looked expectantly at Debra. She stood up and walked over to him, slipping into the fundies... facing away from him. Was she up for some backdoor action or... what?

  1. Hell yeah she does!
  2. Maybe she... wait, was she pooping!?
  3. Maybe she... wait, was she pooping!? (Real)

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