Regression and prostitution

Infinite AR - Episode 610

It was at this point that Jimmy brought two women into the room. Both were obviously ladies of the night. One looked about 25 with a leather jacket and hot pants. Stilletto heel shoes made her seen even taller than she was.

The other one wore her dark hair in pig tails, tight baby t-shirt with school girl type skirt along with baby janes and socks.

How dare you send this kid out to us!!! Haven't you heard of child molestation? Even we have standards she said throwing the money on the ground. This kid's voice has bare broken

That's telling her Rosie said the one dressed like a school girl He is much too younger

Oh I think you'll change your minds in a few minutes said Sally

  1. Young teens
  2. Tweens
  3. Love sick school girls
  4. A little too far
  5. SE

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11/26/2005 11:33:36 AM

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