Old principal, New Girlfriend

Infinite AR - Episode 60562

Jim Watched as the device effect ran over the principals body, Her heavy business suit seem to start to sag as the body under it shrank away the years of fat. Her hips narrowed to That of a 20 year olds her panties hung loooser on her. Because she wasn't as fat anymore her feet became more slender and narower as she got younger because the fat had disappered off her feet and her shoes were loose she slung them off. Her nylons came down around her ankles, she walk right out of them and sat down at her desk and put her bare feet up on the desk. "Jim thank you for returning be back to 20 again, how can i ever repay you?" Jim smiled and said "Well Ms. Waton-" she interrupted "Please, call me Jane." "Well Jane, I never had a girlfriend before, & I was wondering if you could be my..." Before he could finish Jane went up to him & said, "Very well then, Jim." & kissed him.

  1. Jim and Jane Fuck right there in her office
  2. Jane stays principal
  3. Jane desides to become a student
  4. Jane becomes both a student & the principal some how
  5. Jim & Jane have more fun with the Ray Gun

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