15 Year old Principal

Infinite AR - Episode 60561

Jim Watched as the device effect ran over the principals body, Her heavy business suit seem to start to sag as the body under it shrank away the years of fat. Her hips shank to a slender set of a teenager. Her skirt and panties fell to her ankles. Because she wasn't as fat anymore her feet became more slender and narower as she got younger feet and her shoes were loose. Her breast firmed and swelled pushed her blouse out to almost the breaking point, Her hair went from grey to deep red in an instant, She looked at her body with almost as much surprise as Jim. She looked up at Jim and said

  1. Change me back this instant
  2. Thank you Jim
  3. Lets Fuck
  4. Who are you and why am I dressed this way
  5. Why are you looking at me that way

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