Baby Principal

Infinite AR - Episode 60558

Jim Watched as the devices effect ran over the principals body, then the prinicpal started to shrink. As she shrank, the business suit went down as well. By the end there was a pile of cloth. Jim moved the clothes around to see a tiny baby just sitting there and looking at him. Ms. Watson or Baby Jane began to speak, "What did-" But she stoped before she could finish, she then said it again and asked, "Why do I have a baby voice?" Jim burst out laughing & said, "Wow the gun must have only affected your appearence." Baby Jane said, "What do you mean?" Jim took a mirror and showed her, she screamd. Then Jim

  1. Spanked her for revenge
  2. Showed her to a student
  3. Showed her to a Teacher
  4. Zaped her again
  5. Left her & used the raygun on someone else

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5/13/2016 12:01:33 AM

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