My big sister

Infinite AR - Episode 5979

This was the firs time when Jim see the gun in action. Firs time he see how it works on a human. The result was amazed him. The former little sister was nowhere to be longer. A more mature woman has been replaced her. He saw how his sister step out of puberty, how her middle sized breast replaced by two pair of enormous tits. Her hip got wider while her flat bottom started to form a nice ass. Her whole body was grown and became hotter and hotter in Jim's eyes. When it stopped the view was made Jim's mouth open.

- What is it little bro'? You like what you seeing?

- Katie why did you do that?

The still amazed Jim ask that. He couldn't stop quit stareing her now big sister. It was like a dream. She looked like the womens on the internet what he used to see when he spend his private time. She was now a 25 years old woman with a developed body and that confused Jim.

- Give me that device Katie! No more games!

- Oh this was just the beggining.

Than she pointed the device to...

  1. Jim and regress him physically and mentaly
  2. Jim and change his gender
  3. Jim and progress him.
  4. herself.

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9/15/2013 2:14:39 PM

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