Jim makes his escape

Infinite AR - Episode 59662

"RRRRRUN AWAY!" Jim shouted as he dashed passed his teenage mother and the kids. His teen mom had a look of confusion and immediately lost all interest in wanting to bang her son. Jim made his way to the next door neighbor's house which to his luck was unlocked. He made his way to his now bawling baby neighbor Missi. "There, there Missi." Jim said as he trie to comfort the baby in his arms. "We'll get you back to looking se- I mean back to normal in no time!" Then all of a sudden...

  1. The kids from earlier show up
  2. Jim's dad shows up
  3. Jim's mom shows up
  4. Kati shows up
  5. Something else happens

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6/6/2019 4:55:12 PM

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