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Infinite AR: Changed Her Back... but with a Twist [Episode 5965]

Changed Her Back... but with a Twist

Infinite AR - Episode 5965

Jim fired the gun at Katie and she immediately began to grow back to her original height and age. "Thanks for turning me back Jim" says Katie. She started to make her way out of the room when she noticed something thick between her legs. Looking down she was horrified to find that she is still dressed in the sun-dress and diaper that she wore in her 3 year old state(potty trained late). She grabbed the sides of the diaper and tried to take it off, But no matter how she pulled on the tapes or tug it off it would not budge. "What the heck Jim!?" screamed Katie. "I thought you changed me back to normal." Jim smirked. "Consider it your punishment. Until I say you will wear a diaper and use it too. Every time you're given a diaper change the dirty diaper will immediatly be replaced by another one. All your clothes have become toddlerish and everyone believes this to be normal. You even sleep in a crib and feed in a highchair." Katie becomes horrified at this then she...

  1. Runs back to her room
  2. Has to got the bathroom
  3. Mom comes and takes her downstairs for breakfast
  4. Jim makes more changes
  5. SE

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