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Infinite AR - Episode 59642

Jim enters his lab and beholds his greatest and only invention, the Body Manipulator. It was a device that could change any aspect of a person inside the booth. There were 2 sets of controls, a Digital podium in front of the machine and a small touch screen inside the booth, a touch screen that adjusted to the height of the person in the booth. Though the priority of commands came from the podium, so anyone at the podium could change the person inside, but there was a drawback the person inside must also agree with the change or else the transformation will happen to the person at the podium. The booth does support multiple people at once and will change one person at a time. So jim decides to....

  1. Transform himself
  2. Transform his Girlfriend
  3. Transform a reletive
  4. Transform a random person
  5. Transform a Friend

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