Infinite AR - Episode 5932

"Hello is this the Jones household?" asked a female voice when Sharon picked up.

"Yes, this is Mrs. Jones, who's calling?" asked Sharon, happily playing with her ring on her finger.

" Jefferson Hospital. The doctors have made a new discovery about your baby Mrs. Jones" said the nurse.

"What about her?" asked Sharon rubbing her five month pregnant belly.

"No, it's not a her anymore. Apparently she's now a he. The doctors are completely baffled by this discovery."

"I don't know what to say" said Sharon

"You just got married a few months ago, is that correct Mrs. Jones?" asked the nurse

"Why yes"

"How was the marriage night?" asked the nurse

"Quite erotic" replied Sharon honestly

"I thought so... You see what happened Mrs. Jones is one of your husband's male sperm mixed with the concepted egg, making Sherry a boy. So Mrs. Jones have you thought what you're going to name him? I don't think you're going to want to keep the name Sherry" said the nurse

"Shawn sounds nice... Yes Shawn William Jones..." said Sharon absentmindedly.

"Good I'll put it in the records. Remember to take your prenatanal vitamins" said the nurse.

"I will" responded Sharon and both women hung up.

"Now, how am I going to tell Jim?" thought Sharon

  1. Tell him when he comes home
  2. WYEotyynCkVYLS

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