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Infinite AR: Kate goes middle aged [Episode 59255]

Kate goes middle aged

Infinite AR - Episode 59255

As Jane sat there looking in, Katie sat there finishing her current drink and racing through time. "How ya feeling hon?"Jane asked as her friend raced past 37."Just fine Jane," she replied as she took out a compact and checked things out. "I have put on a pound or two, but I look good--this black business jacket and pink top are nice." The process continued, and her face had fine lines come in, and crow's feet showed. Her butt and thighs inflated, and just a touch of tummy showed as well. As things came to a halt, she noted touches of gray on top as well as a second chin.Her size had gone from an 8 to a 16 as well, and her aging stopped at 47. She was going to comment, when she was dragged out on the dance floor by the bar owner Tony himself. The song Fat Bottomed girls played as they danced. As Jane sat there...

  1. She accidentally aged herself more
  2. She regressed to a preteen
  3. Jane notices she has changed others
  4. The device goes off turning everyone else into toddlers
  5. Se

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