Baby Momma cannot talk.

Infinite AR - Episode 5922

Jim leaned over the oversized shirt, and glanced in surprise at the tiny form of his infant mother. She looked up at him, wide eyed and surprised. "Mom?" He asked curiously. She stared a moment more, and for a second he half expected her to say something. However finally she laughed, and began to make a burbling sound as little spit bubbles formed around her tiny mouth. Her mind was completely a baby, and she had no memory of any of her experiences in life. Jim felt a swelling of pride at what he had accomplished, as his mother squirmed helplessly out of the oversized shirt. Jim could not believe the power, fame and fortune that he had now created for himself with this device, and began contemplating what he would do next. As he decided his baby mother just squirmed around, kicking and thrashing playfully in her now oversized panties. Jim feels a rush of power and as he is deciding what to do:

  1. Jim's father comes into the room, wondering what the noise was.
  2. Jim's sister comes into the room.
  3. Jim accidentally hits the button and regresses himself.
  4. Jim decides to make his motehr back into a teen, to be his new girlfriend.
  5. Jim decides to use the device on someone else.

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1/28/2015 1:53:31 AM

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