Infinite AR - Episode 5903

Jim's mom looked down at herself, aghast, because her khaki capris had fallen down. Her embarrassment quickly changed to amazement as they seemed to float back up! They changed as they defied gravity, however, and became a cute pair of blue jeans. Her tennis shoes changed into flip flops, her collared blouse changed into a vintage t-shirt, accentuating her curves and showing her belly button. Her brunette ponytail came down, becoming blonde and wavy, extending to her shoulders. Finally, her wedding ring, which she wore even though Jim's dad left two years ago, seemed to vanish. Then, she said. . .

  1. Jim, I love it!
  2. Jim, weren't you going to take me to a movie?
  3. Jim, what the. . . change me back!
  4. Jim, have you seen my cheerleading uniform?
  5. Jim, can you help me with this geometry?

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7/14/2006 10:05:10 AM

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