Infinite AR - Episode 587

Jim awoke in a crib. At first he didn't know where he was, but then remembered what happened before, and then quickly became aware that he had soiled himself whilst he was out. He was on the verge of crying when the door opened. He saw the girls standing in the hallway. They were talking about something.

Onyx entered the room and strolled over to the crib.

"I think someone needs to be changed." Jim immediately started crying at the girl's comment, leading Onyx to cover herself, "There, there, it's okay. There's nothing to cry about. It happens to everybody your age."

Onyx picked Jim up and carried him over to the changing table, setting Jim down there.

"Don't worry, this is not permanent." Onyx smiled, "You'll return to normal on Monday. You will be able to remember everything that has and will happen this weekend. You can always come back, if you want. I know that Ruby wouldn't mind babysitting you again." Onyx cooed at him slightly, "Neither would I, for that matter. Now let's get you all nice and clean so that you can have some fun."

Onyx quickly unfastened the diaper, wiped Jim clean, threw the used stuff away, slid a clean diaper under Jim, and fastened it all within twenty minutes, before picking the baby up and carrying him to the closet.

"Now what should you wear?" Onyx mused, before pulling a cute pink dress out and holding it up to Jim, deciding to make him wear it. She slid the dress over the child's head, the bottom just barely covering Jim's diaper. Onyx carried Jim out to the front room and sat him down in the playpen that one of the other girls had set up.

"Now wait there whilst I go and get the others." Onyx smiled, before walking away.

  1. Jim manages to escape somehow.
  2. The girl's come back and play with Jim.
  3. None of the girls come back for some reason.
  4. A burglar breaks in just after Jim walks away.
  5. Something else.

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