Jim's Best weekend.

Infinite AR - Episode 586

Jim woke up in the crib. At first he did not know where he was. Then he remembered everything that had happened. He then noticed that he had soiled himself while asleep. he was a bout to cry out, when the door opened. He saw the girls standing in the hallway. They were talking about something.

Topaz entered the room and over to the crib. She said, "I think someone needs to be changed." Jim started crying. Topaz said, "There, there, it's okay. It's nothing to cry about. It happens to every body your age." Topaz picked Jim up and carried him over to the changing table. Topaz sat Jim on the changing table. She said, "Don't worry, this is not permant. You will return to normal on Monday. You will be able to remember everything that was happened and will happen this weekend. You can always come back, if you want. I know that Ruby wouldn't mind babysitting you again. Neither would I for that matter. Now let's get you all nice and clean so that you can have some fun." Topaz unfastened the tapes on the diaper, wiped Jim clean, threw the used diaper and baby wipes away, slid a clean diaper under Jim, and fastened it all within twenty minutes. Topaz picked Jim up and carried him to the closet. She said, "Nw what should you wear?" Topaz pulled a pink dress out of the closet, held it up to Jim, and decided to make him wear it. She slid the dress over Jim's head. It just barely covered Jim's diaper. Topaz carried Jim out to the front room and sat him down in the playpen that one of the other girls had sta up.

Jim was upset because the playpen only had dolls and stuffed animals in it. Then he realized that he was supposed to be a girl and was in a girls body. He picked up the dolls and started playing with them. Jim enjoyed the rest of the weekend.

Sunday night, Ruby, Topaz, and Jade decided to go see a movie. Ruby decide to take baby "Jamie" with them. She went into the nursery, picked Jim up, checked his diaper, and said, "Does Jamie want to see a movie?" Jim knodded his head. Ruby change Jim into a dry diaper, a pink tee shirt that said "Princess" on it, and a cute pair of pink pants. Ruby packed a diaper bag. The four of them left to go to the movies.

On the way to the theater, they decided to see Chicken Little. Jade said, "It would be weird if we go see that. Three women with one baby. Now maybe if it was two women, a baby and a little girl, that wouldn't look so weird."

Ruby said,"Just what are you saying Jade?"

Jade replied, "One of us should be regressed back to childhood. So that we could blend in better."

Topaz said, "Are you voluteering?"

Jade thought about it for a few seconds. She said, "If you do regress me, my clothes won't fit any more. I can't go to the movies if my clothes won't even stay on me."

Ruby said, "I packed a change of clothes in the diaper bag. Though we would have to regress you to some where around four or five so that they will fit you."

Jade said, "Do it." A stream of red energy came out of Ruby and hit Jade. Jade started to shrink. Her clothes got loser and loser. By the time the got to the theater, Jade was a spunky five year old girl. Ruby got the diaper bag out of the trunk and handed the clothes to Jade. Jade put them on herself. Topaz and Jade got out of the car. Ruby picked Jim up out of the car seat. They made their way to the ticket counter. The watched the movie then went back to their apartment.

Ruby put Jim in the crib for the night. She sliped a card with their phone nuber on it into his wallet. Two sentences were writen on the card. "Call us anythime. Don't be affraid ro visit." Jim fell asleep as soon as Ruby turned off the light to the nursery.

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