Marcie gets younger

Infinite AR - Episode 5812

Jim points the age altering device at Marcie and sets it back to her original age then pulls the trigger. A beam of light envelops Marcie for a breif moment before disappearing. After the light subsides and Jim's eyes adjust he sees that Marcie still appears 10 years old.

Marcie looks down at herself and realizes she is still 10-years old. "Hey, it didn't work!" She screams as she starts to feel tears well up in her eyes.

"There must be a wire criss-crossed somewhere. It isn't progressing age properly." Jim deduces as he looks at the gun. He looks back up at Marcie and notices that she's changing again. "Hey Marcie, you seem to be changing again!" Jim says, alarmed.

"What? Nooo!" Marcie says as she feels a tingle spread all over her skin. She sees the room around her growing taller as she shrinks. Her clothes change with her as she gets smaller and smaller. Eventually she stops shrinking as she looks like a toddler. "Pwease change me back!" She bawls at Jim like a child in a tantrum. She doesn't even notice how small and childish her voice is sounding.

"Okay, I'll try it one more time, but let me test it on myself first just to be safe. I can't have you turn into a baby, or it might be irreversible." Jim said which cause Marcie's face to instantly go pale as she considered what could happen. That's when Jim turned the device on himself and pressed the button.

  1. Jim becomes a toddler and forgets how to use the device
  2. Jim becomes a toddler girl and forgets how to use the device
  3. Jim becomes a toddler, but retains his knowledge
  4. Jim becomes a toddler girl, but retains her knowledge
  5. Jim become older

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