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Infinite AR - Episode 58018

Tabitha tucked the baby Jakey under her arm, tossed his tag into her bag and ran as fast as she could back to the house. It usually only took Tabitha 5 minutes to run the neighborhood on her morning jogs, but since she had much shorter legs it took her nearly 10 minutes, and she was exhausted from having to take more steps.

Tabitha busted into the door of the house at 11:57. She dropped her bag on the floor and began to undress from the costume. "Quick Jake take off your costume!" she said. As she pulled the outfit off she was returned to her 19 year old self. It was 11:59 and Jake was desperately trying to get out of his outfit but lacked the motor skills to do it. Tabitha grabbed Jake and practically tore the costume off of him. As she tore the last piece off the clock began to strike 12. Jake suddenly became very heavy. She was forced to drop him but he didn't fall far as his age was restored. The final strike of midnight came just as his 19 year old feet touched the floor. His sponge bob underwear was around his ankles already but were still torn slightly from his aging. Tabitha likewise had completely destroyed her sister's panties and tights in the process.

Tabitha looked at Jake with a look of mutual happiness. Maybe next year a party would be the best idea. They sat down at the kitchen table and dumped what was left of the candy on the table. They sorted it out and enjoyed the candy. As they sat and talked at the table it hadn't even occurred to either of them that they were both naked. "Hey tab, maybe next year we should send that little Josh a costume for toddlers from the shop." Tabitha's eyes lit up, she was so happy to hear that Jake was already planning to do this again, and next year, they'd be ready.

  1. the following year
  2. restart Jim's story

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