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Infinite AR - Episode 58015

The group of 8 year olds were freaked out and dropped the tag as they ran away. Tabitha ran over to Jake "are you ok?" She took off his mask to find a tiny little baby face with only a small tuft of hair on his head trying desperately to fight back his sniffles. She picked him up as well as the tag. "Dont worry babe, we'll get you back to normal." By this time it was nearly 11:45. They had to hustle if they were going to make it back to the house in time! Tabitha then..

  1. rushed home and got there just in time
  2. rushed home but too late
  3. rushed home but with only enough time to turn one of them back
  4. found a pen

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3/7/2016 11:41:11 AM

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