Infinite AR - Episode 5744

'Mommy wanna pway!' the toddler said as she struggled with fading adult thoughts and concepts in her child's body. Her mind had spent years being trained and working a certain way. Suddenly, it all was unraveling.

'Wanna pway!' she said stomping her foot.

She bit her lip and repeated herself 'Wanna pway! It's pwaytime!!!! You gotta pway with me!'

Soon, she was into a full blown tantrum.

  1. Perfect, he thought... I can teach her to be a cooler mom before the genie restores her
  2. Uh oh, I better ask the genie to do something
  3. Uhhh, mom... Are you potty trained?
  4. Better have the genie make you a teenager again

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5/26/2006 10:22:29 PM

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