Jamie Licks Futa Claire Clean

Infinite AR - Episode 56948

Jamie shuffled reluctantly forward on her knees. Claire's newly-sprouted futa cock, smeared in diaper filth and dripping a gleaming strand of pre-cum from its tip, bobbed in front of her, thick and imposing. The head cheerleader laid a pair of fingers delicately to either side of the fat prick, careful not to dip them into her sticky waste, and gave it an enticing jiggle.

"Lick it clean," she ordered. "Every inch, and then we'll get you a fresh diaper. If you can't finish in time...!" She trailed off, seeing no need to finish the threat. Jamie understood well enough. If her bowels let go one more time, she would be reduced to incontinence, or else transformed into a horny, she-dicked monster like the other grunting cheerleaders squatting and groaning all over the field.

Driven by that urgent need and fear, Jamie wrapped a hesitant hand around Claire's cock, right up near the head where the diaper mess had not yet smeared. The head cheerleader grinned in satisfied triumph. "That's it," she urged. "Start at the top. Work your way down. All the cheer squad girls have to help each other out, you know!"

With a shove of her hips, Claire pushed her bulbous cockhead right up against the side of Jamie's face. It was big and red and angry-looking; wet with pee from her diaper and dripping a slick, gleaming liquid. A sticky smear dripped down the side of Jamie's face. "Suck!" Claire demanded.

Unable to think what else to do, Jamie sucked. She opened her mouth wide, tipped her head back, and let the cheerleader's dripping prickhead slide over her tongue. It shoved towards the back of her mouth, coating her tongue with the salty taste of piss - and then, as Claire sank deeper still, with a bitter, nasty taste that could only be the cheerleader's shit!

Jamie groaned as the sticky smears from Claire's diaper slid past her lips, but the thick cock slipping into her throat turned her protests into gurgling moans. Claire worked her fat shaft eagerly in and out, and the smeary brown mess turned liquid and runny, dripping off her skin and down Jamie's straining throat.

"Wow, Jamie!" exclaimed Claire. "You've got a really...nngh!...a really flexible throat...you're really good at this!" She laughed breathlessly, and her strokes grew suddenly faster. "Oh god!" she cried, gripping the sides of Jamie's head and holding her in place. Her hips were a blur, fucking the befouled brown rim of Jamie's mouth without a care for the gurgling, kneeling, diaper-clad cheerleader below her. "Jamie! God! I'm gonna cum!"

No sooner had the head cheerleader spoken than her cock rammed deep one last time and stayed there. The head swelled up, then pulsed. A thick wad of something hot and gooey shot down Jamie's throat. Another sticky rope followed it, and then another: Claire's cum, fresh from her futa-cock, stinging and burning as it clung to the sides of Jamie's throat. Jamie let out a shuddering moan as Claire drew slowly backward, still spewing jizz from her unnatural member.

"God. Wow. Wow, Jamie!" Claire gave an unsteady laugh as she rocked back onto her heels. Her cock popped from Jamie's mouth in a spray of creamy white. One last strand of jizz splashed across Jamie's cheek, joining the watery brown rivulets drooling from her mouth in staining her face. With a satisfied groan, Claire straddled Jamie's gaping, panting mouth - and plopped her diaper-stained nutsack in before Jamie could close her lips.

"Clean those off too, now," Claire instructed, and Jamie, seeing no choice, began to swirl the heavy balls with her tongue. More pasty filth from the cheerleader's diaper dripped off and slid down her throat, joining the ropes of stinging cum in befouling the sides of the abused passage. Tears leaked from Jamie's eyes as she finally cleaned the very last scraps of filthy skin...only to feel an alarming rumble in her gut as Claire drew back and let her gleaming nutsack swing free.

"Claire," Jamie croaked hoarsely, "Please...change me?"

Laughing, the head cheerleader nodded. "All right, all right...lie back. On your back, on the ground. Go on!" She beckoned, and another cheerleader came trotting up with what proved to be a foldable changing mat. Unfolding it, Claire stepped almost daintily the rest of the way out of her soiled diaper and crouched beside Jamie as the blushing, foul-mouthed teenager wriggled onto the pad. At Claire's urging, Jamie lay back and lifted her legs in the air, letting Claire reach between them to untape the soiled diaper.

"Phew!" Claire exclaimed, opening the diaper up and letting its soggy front flop down off Jamie's body to the ground. "You made a real mess in there...one more piece of poo and I bet you would have sprouted a cock!" She slid the diaper aside and began dabbing briskly away at Jamie's rear end with baby wipes, offered by the same pretty cheerleader that had brought the changing mat. "Now relax. I'm going to put you in a clean diaper. While I do that, close your eyes and imagine where you want to be..."

Claire's voice faded, leaving the freshly-diapered Jamie to relax and imagine the world she wanted next, a world where...

  1. Jamie wakes up as James again, at the start of a new day
  2. Everything is the same!

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