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Infinite AR - Episode 56436

I am on fb fanfiction & gmail. There is the fact that I have been on diaperedanime & one other of it's sister sites. You all though well just have to look if you feel like looking, but I warn you now I might not accept new friendship requests anytime soon. I don't get on most of my accounts all that often other then here to do some reading at night before bed or in the early morning before the morning meal. Also I have no real reason other then to read &/or write to be on most of the sites that I have just mentioned in this post tonight.

  1. Have a good night/day everyone! (Redirect to chapter 1.)
  2. Someone else talks about something else.
  3. More information on other people. (If anyone feels the need that is.)
  4. A question for a person.

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Jeff (just an answer for Skywatch)

2/2/2016 8:14:01 PM

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