Older Joe

Infinite AR - Episode 56139

Joe decided that it was time for Jim's nap. So he put him to bed. Then he went back into the bathroom to go piss. And while peeing he noticed a remote device on the ground. He saw that it read "Regression/Progression device". He decided to pick it up. When he read it he saw that he could physically change himself. Which intrigued him. He was a really hot for his age. He had six pack abs due to wrestling and weight lifting. He face was devoid of acne, he had beautiful soft brown hair, and he had perfectly buffed up biceps. His calves were rock hard, and his legs had a perfect amount of leg hair (except on the knee due to the fact that he rubbed his knees constantly on the mats in wrestling). He loved looking at himself in the mirror naked or in his singlet. His penis was a wondeful 6 inches. With an erection it went upwards to 8.5 inches. He was all around a perfect boy complete with good grades. Even though he was the envy of every kid he wanted to be older like everyone else does. He decided to progress himself to 21, so he could drink of course. He shot himself and something unprecedented happened...nothing happened. But as he was beginning to get disappointed he noticed his penis grow to an enormous 10 INCHES!! He loved it, but he needed to masturbate bad. Unknown to him the ejaculate built up was his youth that he needed to expel to grow older. So he went into his bedroom, put on his singlet because he liked to jerk off in his singlet. But before he started he invited his best friend Brandon over. Brandon was exactly like Joe; and that's the main reason they liked each other. Joe really wanted to mock his size to Brandon. Joe didn't feel weird showing him because they showered together in PE and wrestling. But they were also secretly gay with each other. They first had anal in 6th grade, and their relationship has only gotten more sexual trying different things. So Joe called over Brandon to have sex. When Brandon came over they immediately went to his room. Luckily for them Joe's parents weren't home. So they stripped out of their singlets together per the norm. And Brandon was mesmerized by Joe's size. He couldn't contain himself and he began to suck his dick. But as soon as he did Joe came in his mouth. Brandon could only swallow so much that soon the cum was dripping onto his muscular chest. To Brandon's surprise with each orgasm Joe looked larger and older. Joe's dick became a staggering 12 inches. Brandon was completely awestruck. But his fascination soon turned to panic as Joe became 21. He noticed the cum on his chest had sunken into his skin. He was so shocked. He touched his hair next and it was completely dry. But before he could do anything his mind told him to could no longer walk, stand, talk, or hold in his messes. He began to smile like an idiot up at Joe. He then crapped all over his gorgeous butt. The poop continuously streamed out, and with each ounce of poop he was growing younger. After 5 minutes of pooping he was a complete new born sucking his thumb. Joe was so shocked he didn't know what to do. His best friend and first time can't even remember his name or hold in his poop. Weirdly enough though all of a sudden Brandon pooped again but didn't change just had a wet poop. What do to next?

  1. Brandon changes Joe
  2. Joe changes Brandon
  3. Jim changes Joe

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1/17/2016 1:53:29 AM

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