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Infinite AR - Episode 55964

"And another thing Hunny once every ten years you will get only three days as an adult. On those days you can only go three hundred feet from me and/or your daddy! So even if you get more then that on one or those days you will just become a baby again not ten minutes later isn't that grate?!" Said Jim's very insane mother to him. 'What did I ever do to deserve a fate like this in a past life?!' Jim thinks as tears steam down his face as he think of the fact that he only gets three days as an adult every ten years now that he has been cursed to his new life in a baby body. 'What am I supposed to do now?!' He crys in his mind.

  1. His mom leaves to call the gypsie about the mass memories wipe.
  2. Jim thinks of one of his inventions in his lab that might help him if he can get to it's main opening.
  3. His dad walks into the room?!
  4. His 'big' brother walks into the room?! (You choose if it is really just his bf or a real brother of his.)
  5. Sis is home from work?! Is she his new nanny now?!

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Jeffery (I figured that this branch needed working on now that no one cares about it that much.)

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