Mrs. Spulcheck

Infinite AR - Episode 55449

Mrs. Spulcheck was one of the meanest teachers Jim ever had. She was a 69 year old woman with a plump body and a blonde beehive hairdo that’s turning grey. Her face was full of wrinkles and liver spots. Some say when she first started teaching she was really nice but as years went by she became more nasty. Jim and his friends dubbed her the wicked bitch of the west. “Well well well,” she said as Jim entered the room. “If it isn’t the world’s worst essay writer. How you’ve managed to pass my class writing nonsense about inventions is beyond me.” Jim smirked. “Oh? You don’t like my essays, bitch?” Mrs. Spulcheck was furious. “Don’t you bad mouth me, young man! And yes, you’re essays were complete crap! None of what you wrote about could actually ever exist!” “Oh is that a fact?” Jim said as he zapped Mrs. Spulcheck. “What the, what did you-“ “Just sit back and relax, Mrs. Spulcheck.” And thus the elderly woman regressed into a-

  1. 32 year old (young teacher)
  2. 24 year old (student teacher)
  3. 16 year old (student)
  4. 7 year old (child)
  5. 2 year old (toddler)

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