18 Years Later

Infinite AR - Episode 55383

"...for they're both jolly good fellows that nobody can deny!" A cheer went up in the room. At the center of the attention stood two twin girls.

It was Mia and Jamie's 18th birthday, and having had a big celebration with their friends from school the day before, they were now with their closer friends and family for a more personal gathering. It had gone on for most of the afternoon, though they were only now getting to the cake, and a very special cake at that. Their mother, Katie, had gone all out for this, and it showed in the multi-storied behemoth before them. The girls both often told their mom she didn't need to spoil them so much, but given the occasion, they'd let it slide.

As the cake was cut, everyone settled down. Those people who didn't have as much time gave their best wishes, before leaving. Everyone else left in the same manner over next few hours, until it was only the twins and their mother left in the house. Which meant one thing...

"Now, I think it's about time I gave you both my present." Katie beamed. The twins shared a look. They'd both known their mother was saving their gift til last, it apparently being something very special, but neither had any clue what it was.

"Close you eyes, and hold out your hands." Katie said with a smile, and both Jamie and Mia complied, squeezing their eyes shut tightly and holding their hands out in front of them. After a momemt, they both felt their mother place something in their grasp, "Now, open up!"

  1. Both girls had been given an expensive looking heart pendant of some kind, with their first initial carved into it. Each had slight details and colourations that made it unique.
  2. Both girls found nothing in their hands, and nothing anywhere that they recognized for that matter, having been transported to some alternate reality whilst their eyes were closed. Not even their mother was anywhere to be seen.
  3. Both girls had been given a photograph of a man they recognized, as if they were from a long forgotten dream. Katie claims that each man is the girl's respective father, and that the twins (though still definitely twins) were born of a threesome.
  4. Something else.

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