Um a name not my own? Why would anyone want to seach for anything about me?

Infinite AR - Episode 55235

I know for a fact I am not an interesting person to be with in person. I push away any people that can have a chance to be my friends because of how stupid I can act a lot of the time. So if someone tried to talk to me about what I have written on here in person I might get a bit (or a lot) defensive on them. Not to mention what I have posted on my Facebook account! So yah I see no reason to hide myself from you all on here, but I would hide myself in real life.

  1. Can we please stop talking about me now maybe?
  2. Back to the starting line right here!

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Jeff (sorry this is as small as I can go to being someone not me!)

12/5/2015 11:20:13 AM

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