Girly Panties

Infinite AR - Episode 54696

Jim decided to changed into a pair of girly panties. "Okay, I'll grab a pair for you", Mom said as she turned around walked over to a nearby stack of panties. Jim quickly made a change to reality, and his denim skirt became a miniskirt. Mom grabbed a pair of pink panties with Hello Kitty on them, and walked back to Jim with them. Mom quickly pulled Jim's soaked white satin panties down his legs and threw them in a nearby panty disposal bin. Mom then made Jim step into the pair of Hello Kitty panties, and pulled them up his legs. "There you go sweetie, all clean", Mom said as she stood back up. "Thanks Mom!" Jim said, enjoying the feeling of the tight girly panties he was now wearing. What happens next?

  1. Jim makes Mom desperate to poop
  2. Jim makes himself desperate to poop
  3. Jim makes himself and his Mom desperate to poop at the same time
  4. Jim wants to bang his Mom
  5. Other
  6. Jim Loves the Panties

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