Baby Jim

Infinite AR - Episode 54469

Jim was freaking out trying to get back to his room. He was frantically wondering why he shit his pants. Then it hit him. He remembered that until the age of 5 he wasn't potty trained. He ran as fast as his little hairless legs could go back to his room. Once there he strips naked and put on another pair of underwear, this one with SpongeBob on the crouch. His now extremely small member spurting some pee on the ground in the process. This scared him even more, but aroused him. His less than 1 inch penis grew to an erect 1 inch. He then carried the underwear and the device to the bathroom where he used the new step stool to reach the toilet and toilet paper. Once clean, he goes to change himself back to his original self. But unexpectedly his younger brother comes in scaring him causing him to press “Mental AR”. All of a sudden a large green flash shoots Jim. As Jim screams his mind is reduced to that of a 4 1/2 year old. When he sees his brother again he immediately runs to him. “Brubba!” He screamed. The 14 year old brother, Joe, picks up Jim and flys him around like an airplane. Jim is having the time of his life. “Mwua! Mwua!” He screamed. After they were done....

  1. Joe finds device
  2. Cody finds device
  3. Dad finds device
  4. Jim uses device
  5. Mom uses device

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1/17/2016 1:13:35 AM

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