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Infinite AR: Oh No! [Episode 54429]

Oh No!

Infinite AR - Episode 54429

Jim thinks the diaper is a bit much so he decides to take it off. He replaces the diaper with a normal pair of underwear, and puts on a pair of shorts. All his clothes seemed to have shrunk with him as well. He is walking out of the the room and he feels his pants begin to sag and then the smell hits him. He goes to feel his pants and a squish answered his touch. He retracts his hand in horror at what he has done. He didn't even realize it happened. He turns around to go back into the room to change. Then...

  1. Jim uses the gun again and this time his body and mind are switched
  2. Jim slowly begins to mentally regress to match his body
  3. Jim wets himself on top of what's just happened

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11/4/2015 5:54:33 PM

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