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Infinite AR - Episode 54402

As Jim was thinking about who to test the remote on, there was a knock at the door. Turning to the door, he then said, "Come in." and the door opened. That's when he spotted his mother coming in with a pleasant smile on her face. "Hey Jim." She said in a delightful voice, "I got some good news." "What is it?" ask Jim feeling a little confused by his mother's voice. His mother had a warm smile on her face and answered, "Your grandfather is visiting from the old folks home for today. Isn't that great news?" Jim then turned around and couldn't believe what he was hearing. His grandfather visiting today, that was unexpected. "But why his grandpa coming?" he asked sounding really confused, "Shouldn't he remain in the retirement home since he's too old to get out?" His mother tilted her head and said, "Well yes. But apparently the doctor insisted that he comes home just to be with his family and he really wanted to see us so bad. Besides, you know that he doesn't have much left to live and we need to make him feel comfortable. Right?" Jim looked on and lowered his head in grief. "Yeah... I know..." he said feeling a little depressed. His mother then smiled and said, "Great! I'm going to get everything ready for your grandfather. he'll be here shortly." She then left her son's room and get ready for her father.

Meanwhile, Jim looked on and still couldn't believe it. Why would his grandfather come for a visit when he should stay at the retirement home? That's the question that's circling in his head. Ever since he was a kid, his grandfather was so kind to him. He always baby-sat him for years before he became a teenager, helped him with his homework, even come every Thanksgiving and Christmas. Those were some good memories. But now times have changed. Since his grandfather is 95, his health was slowly deteriorating. In fact, the doctors discovered that he has only a few years to live. And even though the family tired their best to keep him happy, they were still grieving and knew it would only be a matter of time. Jim took the pain the most as he took good care of him since day one. If only he could save his life and make him live longer then ever. If only...

Looking down at the remote, an idea popped into his head. Jim always loves his grandfather he would do anything to save his life. But what if he makes his grandfather younger. That's when it hit him. He had created a remote that can age or regress a person at any age he sees fit. Meaning that he would make an old person younger, including his grandfather. He could actually save his grandfather's life with this device and make him live longer. He even also added features that would make him regress mentally and change reality. That way if he regresses at a different age, he nor the entire family won't know the difference. It would be perfect. Thinking about this, he started setting some things up while getting ready for his grandfather.

An hour later, someone was ringing the doorbell to the front house. Jim's mother was the first to answer it as she walked down saying, "I'm coming!" The moment she opened the door she was greeted by an elderly man that's 95 years of age. His body was almost thin and worn with scars from the Army as an adult, fights with his wife Julias abusive Father, Ex & bullies from when he was in his teen-preteen years. His face was filled with wrinkles and tired eyes and his bald head with a few streaks of gray hair. He was wearing a vest over a buttoned up shirt, a pair of jeans held up with suspenders, & his lucky hat. This man's name was Al Strenton, but for his grandkids, they always call him Grandpa.

Jim's mother looked on and was happy to see him again. "Dad! Welcome home!" She said as she gave her father an embracing hug. The moment she let go of the hug, Al smiled and said, "Thank you dear. Thought it would be okay I drop by for a visit. So how is everyone doing today?" The mother smiled and said, "Pretty fair I believe. My eldest son is going to be a take part of his college football team. The youngest is always busy with college and his new inventions. And your granddaughter, well, she's starting to grow up now. She's now this tall." She then hand down to the level of what her daughter's height is like right now. Al smiled and said to her daughter. "Ah... That's just great. My how my grandkids have grown up. Why it feels like just yesterday that the boys were little themselves and my granddaughter wasn't born yet. Boy time flies when you're old." "Yeah... You have a point there." Jim's mother responded, "Why don't you come in? I bet you are tired after your little trip." Al smiled and answered to his daughter, "I would love to." He slowly walked into the house and headed to the living room while the mother closed the door behind her.

"Now the kids are a little busy today and my husband won't be back from work for will the next few hours." She started to explain to Al. "So why don't you sit back and watch some TV until dinner. I'm sure they would give you the time on catching up." Al then rested on the rocking chair in the living room and rocked back and forth. "Oh, I'm sure they are just getting ready for me." Al then said to his daughter, The mother nodded and headed to the kitchen, "Well, I'm going to start preparing dinner. Call me if you need anything." As she left, Al turned on the TV and watched his favorite Soaps. But as he was watching, someone was watching him. That someone was Jim himself.

The moment he heard the doorbell, he silently walked downstairs and hid at the hall, waiting for his mother to leave. So far, he already got his remote ready for grandfather. He picked the destined age he needed to save Al's life and would make him live longer. He even set the metal and reality change as well that way his grandfather or anyone in the family but himself wouldn't notice the changes. With his mother gone, he decided to do this now before she comes back.

Taking a deep breath, he got out of the hall and approached his grandfather. "Hey Grandpa!" Jim then said, "Long time no see." Al turned to the sound of the voice and saw his young grandson approaching him. Smiling, he then said, "Why hello Jim. It's been too long. How long since I last saw you? Over a year? My how much you have changed." Jim rubbed the back of his head. "Yeah... Time sure flies." He said as he sat on the sofa next to grandpa's rocking chair. As he sat Al kept on watching his soaps until he fell asleep. This gave Jim the opening he needed. Pointing the remote at his grandpa, he pushed the button and a wave of energy hit him.

When Jim looked at him, he soon notices something different about his grandfather. From what he could understand is that Al was looking less tired and a little more healthy. But he was still a little old, being that he's ninety, five years younger then a little while ago. Still, he continued to get younger by the second. So Jim sit back and watch as his grandfather regressed right before his eyes. But the question is how old will his grandfather be?

  1. 27 -Years-Old (One Hot Man)
  2. 17-Years-Old (A Young Gentleman)
  3. 12-Years-Old (An Athletic Boy)
  4. 8-Years-Old (Reliveing Childhood)
  5. 5-Months-Old (Restarteing his life)

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