What Kind of Use?

Infinite AR - Episode 541

Jim, greatly confused and somewhat horrified at this, backs out of the bathroom and decides that he must test the device once more to see if it truly has the ability to alter people's memories of events completely. He looks at a table just beside the bathroom door and sees a young woman eating with her daughter. "Mommy, I gotta go potty," the little girl, who looks to be around 4, whines to her mother. The young woman, who appears to be around 25, stands up and happily grabs her daughter's hand to go into the bathroom with her. On the two's way in, Jim uses the machine once more, this time on the little girl. He peeks inside of the women's bathroom to see what the effect is, and is shocked to see the woman with a happily babbling infant hoisted over her shoulder. The woman is busy peeking down the back of the child's diaper. "Who's Mommy's poopy baby? You are! Yes you are! Who did a big poo-poo?" the woman coos to her daughter happily before laying her down to change her stinky diaper. Jim begins to ponder what good could come of this device...

  1. Jim decides to destroy the device, and sucessfully does so
  2. Jim tries to destroy the device, but is regressed in doing so
  3. Jim heads to his girl-friend's house and finds her with another man
  4. Jim decides to use the machine to take over the two
  5. SE

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12/1/2005 8:51:44 PM

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