Baby food why?!

Infinite AR - Episode 54098

After one of the guards puts you into a highchair he walks over to a little frig and pulls out a baby bottle and three jars of what you know to be baby food (only because a month ago he had to eat the stuff for an ulcer he had). You are not looking forward to this at all, u specially since all the labels say 'Prunes' on them! And you seem to remember hearing from your older sister that all baby formulas have a lot of laxatives in them to help the babies go poopy in their diapers faster. This is going to hurt you just know it.

  1. Thanks to the bottles he goes pee first?
  2. Thanks to the food he goes poop first?
  3. Thanks to both he does both in his diaper?
  4. The guard eats the stuff instead of giving them to Jim?!
  5. Se

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Jeffery (weird I know)

10/23/2015 5:31:50 PM

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