Ask Why the Cheerleaders Grew Penises

Infinite AR - Episode 53833

Jamie looked up at Claire, the head cheerleader. A tube-shaped bulge was tenting the front of Claire's diaper outward, and a dark, saggy weight tugged the soiled plastic down between her thighs. On her knees, Jamie was nearly face-to-face with the dirtied diaper and the brand-new crotch bulge.

"W-what happened?" stammered Jamie. "Where did all your penises come from?!"

Claire laughed. "It's the diapers, silly. They're a high-tech material that can hold massive amounts of waste, and even suppress the smell for a while. But the more you use them, the more some of the chemicals leech out of the padding. After a couple loads of crap you start to feel this pang in your tummy. If you try to squeeze down tight right then, you grow a cock and balls, just like a man's! Or you can relax and let the pressure escape naturally, but it makes you permanently incontinent."

She grinned and lifted a sneaker off the grass to toe the front of Jamie's diaper. The sodden padding squished, and the smelly lump of Jamie's poo swung pendulously between her legs. "I'd say you're just about there. If you mess yourself one more time, you're going to be just like us!" She rubbed the front of her diaper meaningfully.

Jamie bit her lip. She could feel a rumbling in her guts. Despite the messes she had already released, more seemed to be on the way. Another side effect of the diaper? She hardly knew. "Claire," said Jamie, "I think I'm gonna poop again!"

Claire's smile widened. "Well you'd better ask one of us real nicely to change you, then," she said, "and quick! Or, you can mess yourself right now, and decide whether you want to be a futa like us, or an incontinent little diaper girl..."

Jamie blushed at the thought. She hesitated for a moment, then made her decision:

  1. Beg Claire for a diaper change
  2. Mess and become incontinent
  3. Mess and become futanari

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