Getting a little company

Infinite AR - Episode 53808

Jim thought if Angelica wanted to know what the baby in her mother's stomach was like, he would get her to join him. So he activated his device again and this time aimed it at Angelica.

"I really wish I could be with the baby." Angelica said.

Just as Angelica finished her sentence she began to regress in age and became smaller and smaller with each passing second. When Angelica finally went back inside her mother, Alicia's belly was now a little bigger than before.

"I don't know how I'll raise the two of you by myself. But I'll find a way." Alicia said to herself.

Jim suddenly realized that he had just made this woman pregnant with twins and she was by herself, he wondered what to do next.

  1. Jim decides to become the father and Alicia's husband
  2. He regressed Alicia back to before she became pregnant
  3. He regressed Alicia to a college girl not pregnant

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