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Infinite AR - Episode 53641

Jim now an 8 year old girl thinks she's still in a deep dream. She plays around with her new voice talking gibberish & saying some of her favorite quotes as low & high as she could while trying to not wake anyone up.

Jim then puts on her jacket that she mistakes as her robe & goes to the kitchen & puts some pop tarts to toast while she goes to the bathroom & then gets a cup of milk & takes it with the Pop Tart into her room while the rest of the family are eating on the table or doing something else noticing that Jim is around, "How are you doing Jim?" "Eh." but not paying enough attention to notice she's an 8 year old girl.

Jims mom knocks on her door "Jim, we're going to be out for a while, is it ok if we use your car as it uses less gas?" Jim replies with her mouth full of pop tarts "Dat's ooke." "Thanks, but Jim please stop talking with your mouth full." "Ooke." Jim's mom then roles her eyes as she goes off with her Dad.

Jim then remembers about cloths her mom has been keeping in the attic & decided it'd be fun to see if she could put some of his cloths from when she was a kid. She then gets out of the attic with socks, sneakers, jeans, a T shirt & even a hat to cover her long hair. She looked just like he did as a kid but a bit more feminine & in fact believed she turned into a boy in the dream, but was still an 8 year old girl after checking.

  1. Puts 2 & 2 together finally
  2. Goes to the park
  3. Goes to Sharons house
  4. Goes to her Job
  5. Checks on Kate & Mickey

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