Digested to hell

Infinite AR - Episode 53434

Somehow Jim survived getting chewed up with minimal injuries. But he quickly realized he wasn't out of the woods once the toddler started to swallow him. Him screamed as loud as he could as he seen his last glimpse of daylight before being swallowed down. Thankfully he had the anti acid suit which also had an oxygen supply to his surprise. But even with having these necessary supplies jim still was nervous on what the next few hours were going to be like. So finally jim ends up in the toddler stomach covered in pb&j and sticky saliva. Even the jim had an oxygen supply the smell was still unavoidable. Him began to walk around the eaten food when out of no where a cold liquid covered him from above flooding the stomach. He soon realized it was apple juice from the young boys lunch. By now jim had enough of this while constantly gaging from the smell of the inside of the toddlers stomach. Finally the stomach acid was pouring in making is smell even worse. The suit protected him from the acid but it still made his skin burn a bit. While swimming around the stomach jim can't help but wonder if we would have been better off dying from the start. I was at that moment something new was happening. The contents of the stomach were starting to move into the next step of the digestion process into the intestines. Him completely lost of hop just let himself sink in and move on through the toddlers bowels. Some hours later he noticed the liquid was starting to get thicker. That's when he knew that he would soon be a steaming pile of poopy. Toddlers pov*** the little boy awoke from his nap and was playing with some toys. He has been potty training for a little while now and hasn't had too many accident recently. He felt the pressure in his little bum and ran up to his mom and said,"mommy I need to poopy". So his mother smiled and said " ok sweety let's go get your potty." The walked into the other room where the little plastic training potty was. His mother pulled down his pants and his pullups, and sat him down on the potty. Back to jim*** So the jim was sitting in the rectum of a toddler pretty much part of the little boys poop. He started to feel pressure push down on him and then a got stinky breeze brush past his face soon making a loud ferrrt. At this point the smell of the got fart did both bother him seeing that he was basically poop anyways. After a couple more of those he was moving slowly squeezing out of the boys anus. When the poop dropped he was left behind stuck to the boys poopy butt. The little boys mother praised him on his good job and wiped his but cleaning away the remaining poop and jim from the boys butt and dropped the wipe in the potty. She then asked the toddler"are you all done?" And he replied," No! Pee pee! Jims eyes widened as h realized what was coming next. He was close to the toddlers rather large for his age penis. He tried to move to get away from where the pee stream would be but the poop held him in place. It started off as a coupe drops but then the floodgates opened spraying him right in the face with hot golden pee. Jim trying not to drown ended up drinking a lot of it and he felt sick to his stomach. Still, he was relieved that he survived getting eaten and digested. He knew that if he wanted to survive he would have to get out of this potty before being dumped into the toilet. Jim had to think of a plan and fast. So he...

  1. Grabbed into the toddlers balls
  2. Toddler knocked the potty over on the floor
  3. Him got dumped into the toilet and died

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