Jim is dead again!

Infinite AR - Episode 53364

And ends the life of Jim! Drowned by the semen and shit from the used diaper and his little brother adding more cum to the used diaper. It would be about two days later that Jim's mom would find that used diaper out in the backyard in the sandbox giving off a smell that was worse then a dead animal! She would call a Dr. to check her baby out after tossing the used diaper out. It would be a month later that she would get a call from Jim's girlfriend asking "Have you heard from Jim lately? I have been unable to get in contact with him for sometime." It would be three months after that that they would give up on ever finding Jim. Jim would be declared dead one year after that.

  1. New beginning?!
  2. Old beginning !
  3. A different way for Jim to have died?!
  4. Jim's mom's life after his death!
  5. Jim's brother's life after his death!

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9/22/2015 11:32:18 AM

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