Cum Torture for Life.

Infinite AR - Episode 53362

After Jim's screaming from being cummed on again, Jim's brother snuck the diaper into his crib. Hiding it under a blanket. Jim tried to inch free after the diaper settled down, but it wasn't happening. All he could see was a dim light through the leg gathers of the diaper.

Hours passed, until it was dark outside. Jim's brother was carried in, and laid to rest, his mother not even noticing the diaper ball inside the crib. Jim felt the diaper be opened up, a nightlight illuminating the room enough for him and his brother to see, as Jim was picked up by his brother.

He was splashed into a baby bottle of water, and given a good cleaning with a few shakes. He felt wonderful to be clean again, as his brother picked him up out of it again.

"Okie bruver, you are my lil diapee slave now, okie?" His brother said, Jim shocked by him talking like that. He couldn't even reply as his brother forced him down and taped him into a thick diaper that was tiny-sized for Jim.

After getting taped up, Jim was hoisted up again and dropped into his brother's diaper again, being met with his giant cock, yet again. The diaper was only slightly damp as Jim squirmed again.

"Sticky time!" Jim's brother says.

  1. Diaper Cum Pump
  2. F*cked and Cummed on....again.
  3. Maybe you'll be a nice buttplug instead...

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