Balled up and F*cked

Infinite AR - Episode 53358

Jim tried to budge, moving from his cummy prison, unable to do so. His mother cleaning up her stinky baby, as the baby dick shot another load of cum directly onto him. "What a lil' happy baby you are!" Jim's mother cooed.

After she was done, cleaning up the baby, Jim tried to move with every ounce of strength left in his body as his mom began to ball the diaper up. It was like a tsunami of poop coming at him, and he was helplessly stuck. It smushed against him, making him scream, thankfully still having an oxygen pocket to live in.

The diaper was thrown into the diaper pail as Jim landed where he began. This all had to be a nightmare, but it got even worse. After Jim's mom left, his brother opened the diaper pail back up, his horny dick still tented. He picked up the still warm diaper that he had just been changed out of.

Jim felt a change in gravity, along with a bit of light shining through the leg gathers. He was unable to move as he saw his brother's cock coming in through the leg gathers! His eyes widened, but it was too late. The cock set itself off, pumping the diaper ball completely full of cum, it seeping out of every leg gather as Jim screamed at his cummy fate.

  1. Crawl out of the diaper after he's done.
  2. His brother gives Jim more sticky torture
  3. Jim wakes up from a nightmare.
  4. Jim doesn't survive this ordeal.

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