Horrible Horny Baby

Infinite AR - Episode 53120

"Sticky, stinky, poopy!" Jim's brother shouts, Jim immediately losing balance on his brother's shaft. Jim was screaming as he began to fall down towards the poopy sea below, but his brother's dick pinned him in a hump.

"Not again!" Jim shouted, the giant shaft pressing him into the sticky, already cummy diaper, his brother was a horny monster! Jim stuck to the sticky padding as his brother's cock pounded at him, more and more until a hot sticky splurt flooded and covered Jim again. Sticking him to his diaper.

Jim began to cry at his cummy fate, the poop below looking like a good alternative now, as his brother's cock kept pumping out shot after shot of sticky seed.

"Having good times in your diaper baby?" Jim's mom asked, walking over to the horny baby as his pampers sagged below his legs, poor Jim trapped in that mess. "How about we get you out of there?" She said, tickling the tip of his penis, making him splurt another load all over poor Jim.

The diaper was opened up on the changing table, Jim realizing he could escape or sit and get smushed in the horrible poopy diaper.

  1. Balled up
  2. Escape!
  3. Magical Pee fountain

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